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Privacy policy

By visiting out site, you hereby acknowledge and consent to the electronic collection, processing and storage of your personal data by QuickBus. If you do not consent to the collection, processing and storage of your personal data by us we recommend you leave the site

This Privacy Policy included herein are and will be considered a binding agreement, and shall be referred to as the Agreement hereafter, being binding between you and Utilitas-Technologies Ltd ( referred to hereafter as QuickBus, we, or us or our or the company ) with regards to any use or activity or use in relation to your use of the QuickBus smartphone application or any other technology platform be it website or other, in total these would be referred to collectively as our platform or application. The parties collectively in this agreement can be referred to as the parties

Updating and or accessing your information can be easily done through the app. Any issues with the aforementioned should be raised with QuickBus in writing to the head office, this includes terminating your account. We reserve the right to retain any and all information you have shared, or that we have in relation to your use of the QuickBus technology application up until that point for future use if so required

QuickBus may where it chooses send you details and or marketing material related to the company and any element of our services, via email and or text

Notifications are used by our app to better run the service, if you choose to disable these this may make your use of the service less efficient, and if this impedes your performance as a driver we may remove you from the QuickBus platform. If you do not allow the app to access your location we will be unable to include you in our service

  1. General

    QuickBus will protect your data as far as is reasonably possibly but accepts no responsibility in loss or damage resulting from the breach or loss of data as no system is 100% secured. Information collected may or may not be used to do the following and more (for a full list please contact QuickBus office): link passengers and drivers, track users, track trends, improve customer experience, communicate to the various parties and facilitate communication between them, send and allow the transmitting of messages, send notifications, reduce fraud, and ensure customer support and safety. Information may or may not be used for any other purpose at the company's discretion alone

    QuickBus collects and stores certain information's on users; the company do not knowingly collect information on anyone younger than 18. Updates and amendments may occur at anytime so we encourage you to reread this privacy policy when they occur and notification thereof is given. Continuing to use the QuickBus platform confirms your acknowledgement of any updates, and your agreement with changes

  2. Information collected & information stored

    Payment information such as card details are stored and handled by an authorized third party. In order to better maintain and guarantee the security of your clients, we do not store full card details on our server. We may store bank details and codes of drivers to ensure their payment. Additional information will need to be gathered if you are going to drive for QuickBus, we may ask for more details at our own discretion from Drivers. This is completely at the discretion of QuickBus and we can without the permission of any person who has previously agreed to this contract update the requirements of any driver and passenger and this update be valid as soon as we update our technology application, and or this agreement (the requirement of a new details or document form drivers for example), and any non-compliance allows QuickBus to remove any driver or person from the system without warning

    At any time in your dealings with QuickBus we may collect further information from you, and this is entirely at our discretion, whether we want to or not and we do not need your permission to collect this information to continue any kind of relationship between the two parties involved. QuickBus reserves the right to annul this agreement if any information is withheld

    Creating a driver or user profile will require us gathering information from you, some is optional some is compulsory, and we may collect any information including but not limited to basic details from your Google Account, Facebook Account, your date of birth, name, email and physical address and phone number as well as contact phone numbers and photos, this list is not exhaustive and if you wish to know the full list please contact QuickBus in writing

    Sometimes, and where it deems necessary QuickBus will collect information via cookies to tack user usage of the platform as well as other points. Please contact QuickBus for a further explanation of what cookies are if you so wish. Both session and persistent cookies may be used

    We may at any time track your location through the app where it is relevant to connecting you with our service or drivers and or users. Primarily this will be done to match users of the service with nearby drivers. Your location may also be used to guarantee your security where it is necessary. To calculate charges tracking driver distance is essential. We may or may not at anytime choose to record phone calls and texts between riders and operator. We may or may not store any information you give us access to on your phone, and we always store securely and privately any feedback from you about any other party, such as a driver or a rider

    QuickBus may or may not at its own discretion store the IP details, mobile phone specifications, network provider and any other details from a users phone where it deems it necessary. We will also store a lot of information to ensure location accuracy is guaranteed

    So we better understand rider and operator use of the QuickBus platform we may record usage and actions by you within our app

    We may use third parties to get further available information on riders and drivers where we partner with these third parties, this most usually occurs when linking your account to Facebook or Google

    Any further information from third party partners may be used for reasons such as fraud detection, as well as a number of other reasons

  3. Information sharing between users

    When putting riders and drivers together, basic information from both parties will be shared, this includes but is not limited to, photos, names, and phone contact details. The locations of both parties will be shared with one another as well as social media and third party websites information where these websites allow it. Driver vehicle details may or may not be presented to the client. Furthermore, QuickBus can through links via API or other connection link your information or that related to the usage of QuickBus' service with other partnering third parties. We cannot guarantee the privacy practices of any third party we link you with. QuickBus reserves the right to share your information with any third party where the company deems it necessary, this includes but is not limited to, local or national authorities, any other legal entity or any other party when QuickBus sees fit